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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

is this a mini McDonald’s

wtf did I just watched

lmao omg my little sister be watching these like gurl you better get out with these fake chinese burgers 

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Introducing Kwasi Enin, a 17-year-old from Long Island, New York, who recently was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. Kwasi Enin is a first-generation Ghanaian-American. His parents immigrated to New York from Ghana in the 1980s and studied at public colleges nearby.

He ranks No. 11 in a class of 647 at William Floyd, a large public school on Long Island’s south shore. That puts him in the top 2% of his class. His SAT score, at 2,250 out of 2,400 points, puts him in the 99th percentile for African-American students.
He will also have taken 11 Advanced Placement courses by the time he graduates this spring. He’s a musician who sings in the school’s a capella group and volunteers at Stony Brook University Hospital’s radiology department. Enin plans to study medicine, as did both of his parents.

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